Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do the "confidence" and the "isReliable" mean?

Confidence value depends on how much text you pass and how well it is identified. The more text you pass, the higher confidence value will be. It is not a range, it can be higher than 100.

Reliability is not directly linked to the confidence. In case your text contains words in different languages then isReliable: true would identify that first detected language is significantly more probable than the second one. When only one language is detected isReliable: false would mean that confidence is very low.

Can I use API via AJAX from the browser?

Yes. When using API from the browser, it is highly recommended to set HTTP referrers restriction on the API key to prevent unauthorized usage.

I'm getting close to the Premium plan limits. Can I go higher?

Yes! Please contact us and specify your requirements.

Why my account is temporary suspended?

Account can be temporary restricted if you send more requests or data per day than your current plan allows. You can always check your current usage on your dashboard or from account status API endpoint.

Account is automatically unblocked on plan upgrade or the next day.

What happens if my account is temporary suspended?

If account is temporary suspended, HTTP response status code is 402.

JSON response example:

{"error":{"code":3,"message":"Your access is temporary suspended because usage exceeded current plan limits. You can track your usage statistics and upgrade your plan at"}}

API is too slow for me. What can I do?

Instead of sending requests one by one, make use of batch requests. It significantly reduces latency.

Latency depends on the amount of text you send and your location. Our servers are located in multiple regions and requests are routed to the closest one. If you are an enterprise customer experiencing high latency and your region is not listed, please contact us. We are always looking to expand our network.